Meyer, the former Ohio State Buckeyes head coach, is a three-time National Championship winner and currently serves as a college football analyst for FOX Sports and the Big Ten Network. Currently, he ranks fourth all-time in winning percentage for a college head coach and owns a .853 career mark that trails only Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, and Doyt Perry.Meyer would be an uncontested upgrade over Harbaugh, as the latter failed to defeat the former during their four matchups dating back to the fall of 2014. He’s the only coach in college football besides Lane Kiffin that would have the audacity…

We are in the process of repeating the errors we’ve made over and over

Credit: Sergi Escribano / Getty Images

The highway day of new cases in over a month. But the president is not talking about that. With 200,000 lives lost, it would be great to say the worst is behind us. All I can say is the worst is still in charge.

A new study shows 9% of Americans have been infected with Covid-19. Despite the fact the Rand Paul believes otherwise, we are nowhere close to herd immunity. Rand reminds me of the famous expression: “Never listen to a libertarian eye doctor for advice on a pandemic.” …

Kenneth pop

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